About Complexly

The world is not simple.

And that can seem like a burden sometimes. The reality is, the human species will never fully understand itself or its universe, let alone any individual. But instead of seeing that as a failing, we'd like to suggest that the process is as powerful as the outcome. The more we understand, the better we get at being humans, and that is one of the only worthwhile goals out there. We are a group of people who make stuff to help that process along and reflect our own excitement and enthusiasm for understanding and imagining things complexly.

Our Staff

Hank Little Square

Hank Green

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hank Green started making YouTube videos in 2007 with his brother, John. They thought it was a pretty dumb idea, but it turned out pretty well. In addition to his work with SciShow, Hank is the co-founder of VidCon, DFTBA Records, and Crash Course.

Complexly Portraits 2019 John

John Green

Founder & Strategic Advisor

John Green is a host and co-creator of Crash Course. He is also the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Turtles All the Way Down, The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, and An Abundance of Katherines. John talks about world history, US history, and literature on Crash Course. His favorite band is The Mountain Goats and his second favorite band is also The Mountain Goats.


Julie Walsh Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Julie loves to solve problems and bring out the best in people and projects. Her vague life goal of "helping people" led to a psychology degree, nonprofit administration work, and now helping fulfill Complexly's mission. In her spare time, she enjoys running, hiking, volunteering and other forms of Type II fun. 

Kelsey S

Kelsey Savage

Chief Development Officer

Kelsey loves hosting game nights, drinking natural wine, and trying to keep her succulents alive in her very small Washington, DC apartment. In other words, she's peak millennial. She handles sponsorships and underwriting for Complexly and previously worked at PBS. 


Blake de Pastino

Head of Content

Blake is a science journalist who worked for National Geographic before coming on board to report, write and edit for SciShow and Crash Course. He’s also the creator of Western Digs, a science news site that covers archaeology and paleontology in the American West.

Marquida Webster 11052021

Marquida Webster

Head of Production

Marquida is a content enthusiast who enjoys every aspect of storytelling. Her interests include traveling the world, freestyle cooking, watching great television and learning about random facts. In her spare time, she enjoys discovering new coffee and ice cream shops across the country and hanging with her sweet baby girl.


Caitlin Hofmeister

Executive Producer

Caitlin loves learning and making things. She produces all things SciShow, and hosts 1/3 of SciShow Space. One of her greatest accomplishments is receiving the "Most Likely to Say 'I Can Do That!'" Award from Hank and Michael.

Dsc 0346 2

Heather Di Diego

Executive Producer

Heather is a lifelong learner, and strives to answer at least 3 new “wait, what?” or “wait, how?” questions every day.  She loves herbal tea and propagating house plants, and only once mixed those two interests with an unfortunate outcome.


Nick Jenkins

Executive Producer

Nick is a musician, filmmaker, and gearhead who feeds and houses a Corgi named Abby. Also, he produces, directs, and edits Crash Course Sciences in Missoula.


Nicole Sweeney

Supervising Producer

Nicole says things on the internet. She loves travel, maps, panda gifs, and semicolons. Writing biographies stresses her out; she crowd sourced this one. She would like to thank Twitter for their help.

Complexly Portraits 2019 Stan

Stan Muller

Development Producer

Stan produces Crash Course Humanities.

Complexly Portraits 2019 Mark

Mark Olsen

Creative Director

Mark is an Art Director and Motion Designer on a number of Complexly projects. When he’s not working, he’s likely drinking coffee or playing with his dog, Alex. Not both at the same time though, that’d be dangerous. 

Marie Ann

Marie Ann Fernandez-Silva

Chief of Staff

Marie Ann loves all forms of narrative, whether they're read, watched, listened, or played. She is surprisingly talented at corralling humans into small rooms for meetings and playing devil's advocate. As a former Floridian, she is often confused by a thing called winter.


Matthew Gaydos

Producer & Product Manager

Matt fills up all of his free time with other video projects, as well as playing music, making the occasional vlog, and playing video games.

Tuna Little Square

Josef "Tuna" Metesh

Sound Designer

Tuna is the kind of guy who reads all the manuals for the things he buys. Nerdy, maybe, but he never has to ask about camera settings. In his spare time he plays and records music and does sound design for film, but his time is rarely spare because he has a tendency to take on more projects than he should. Someday he'll hit a balance and be able to take a break, probably, but I wouldn't count on it.

Sam Little Square 1

Sam Schultz


Cartoonist/animator Sam Schultz spent his youth playing Nintendo and reading Krazy Kat comics instead of learning math, but that’s worked out pretty well for him so far. In his free time he can be found stressing out about his mobile art gallery and playing Dungeons & Dragons.


Hiroka Matsushima


Hiroka is a video editor, a filmmaker/lover, a traveller, and a soon to be aunt of three nephews. Her name means “shiny flower.”  She knows it doesn’t make sense at all, but she likes it a lot.

Complexly Portraits 2019 Brandon

Brandon Brungard


Brandon makes Crash Course and The Art Assignment as well as produces and directs a series on natural history, The Brain Scoop, at the Field Museum. Brandon studied engineering in college and likes to spend his time stressing out about the demise of video games due to touch screens. His other hobbies include hiking, not sleeping, and naming his pets after various types of pasta

Complexly Portraits 2019 Sheridan

Sheridan Gibson


Sheridan produces, directs, and edits Origin of Everything. Previously, she edited Mental Floss and directed 100 Days. In her spare time Sheridan loves to bake, bullet journal, and overanalyze the themes and philosophies of animated children's tv shows. 

Sarah S

Sarah Suta


Sarah is a filmmaker/animator and occasional DJ who probably just watched a super-strange movie and would like to tell you all about it. She has entirely too many college degrees (or maybe just enough?) and a love for all things creepy-crawly.

Complexly Portraits 2019 Hannah

Hannah West


Hannah West is an editor and videographer with a passion for documentary film. She would love to exchange phone numbers, as long as you understand that she'll be sending you memes on a regular basis. She likes to spend her free time with family, friends, and the internet.

Hanna B

Hannah Bodenhausen


Hannah is a filmmaker and editor who speaks almost entirely in lines from comedy specials. Besides film and online video, she loves podcasts, black coffee, and indie rock concerts. Her first venture into making content for the internet involved her wearing a banana costume, so working on Crash Course is definitely a step up.

Shapiro Headshot Cropped

Darcy Shapiro

Managing Editor

Darcy is a recovering anthropologist who once told her PhD adviser that she planned to drop out of grad school to become a certified cheese professional. (She didn’t.) She probably wants to talk to you about fossil apes, your skeleton, and college football.  

Rachel Headshot

Rachel Alatalo

Managing Editor

Rachel studied creative writing in college and still can't believe they got a salaried editing job out of it. From Just Outside of Boston, they like to test their bravery listening to My Favorite Murder. They will pet every available dog or cat and are dedicated to “working” on their “writing” (read as: scrolling through Instagram).


Madeline Doering

Managing Editor

Madeline likes talking about why people should like math, so much so a small child once said she should change her name to "Mathie." She works on Crash Course, hoping to squeeze math in everywhere. Yes, especially in literature. When not pursuing those quests, she's reading, baking, looking for whales, or sampling new cheeses

Bonnie 06212021

Bonnie Meyer

Managing Editor

Bonnie is an editor whose favorite thing is hearing people geek out about their stories. In her spare time, she’s usually exploring nature, watching cheesy sci-fi and superhero movies, or planning out her future cat-lady dream house.

Indrani Senguptaphoto

Indrani Sengupta

Managing Editor

Indrani is a poet and editor who chronically abuses the em-dash (please send help). She loves ugly baking, D&D, thrifting haunted furniture, her dogs, and probably your dogs. 

Sarah Sheppeck 10052021

Sarah Sheppeck

Managing Editor

Sarah Sheppeck (they/she) is a writer and editor. Born and raised in upstate New York, they are now back in their hometown after stints in Vegas, LA, Brooklyn, and the woods of northern Maine. They enjoy watching TV with their beloved dog daughter, Chloe, and reading crime novels with their horrible cat son, Rita Moreno

Img 2522

Kylie Hannas

HR Business Partner

When Kylie isn't working as Complexly's HR human, she spends her time wandering around the mountains with either a backpack or skis depending on the time of year. If she's not in the woods building skills for her Alone audition, she's probably quoting The Office or trying to write. 

Complexly Portraits 2019 Niki

Niki Hua

Operations Coordinator

When Niki isn't drinking bubble tea, she's thinking about the next time she can have bubble tea. She hails from the DC area but make no mistake - she's a Philadelphia Eagles fan. She's also a pianist and enjoys the rush of a good sight-reading party.


Rita Cerasoli


Rita is the Finance Manager for Complexly and VidCon. In her free time, she enjoys being active.... running, biking, hiking, and practicing Bikram yoga. She has a passion for cooking and entertaining with friends. Some of her favorite things: the mountains, the ocean, full moons, wildflowers, red wine and dark chocolate, the Steelers and classic rock:-)

Jesmarie Resize 12052020

Jesmarie Partain

Administrative Assistant

Jesmarie is a Montana native and has a love for exploring the country near and far through overland adventures. When she isn’t traveling she enjoys spending time in her hometown uncovering found and made treasures at local vintage markets and has a passion for attending concerts and theatre. 


Paola Garcia-Prieto

Communications Coordinator

Paola is a southern California native who keeps willingly moving to cold places. She had no idea her addiction to procrastinating on social media would lead to her doing social media for a living, but TBH she should have seen that coming. When she's not glued to a screen Paola enjoys cooking, camping, and watching/performing/stage managing theatre.

Bluhm Resize 12052020

Julia Bluhm

Communications Coordinator

Julia is the Indianapolis-based communications coordinator. In her free time she enjoys baking, journaling, and painting. As a former ballet dancer, she can often be found twirling absentmindedly in kitchens. 


Jenova Payton

Associate Producer

Jenova spends her time playing video games, reading, traveling, and perpetually writing a sci-fi novel that’s always coming out next year. Her cutest distractions are her puppy, Leia, and her husband when he sings her Top Gun songs.

Aimee R

Aimee Roberts

Associate Producer

Aimee is an animator, illustrator, and lover of all things cheese. When she was a small child, she accidentally locked herself in the trunk of a car for a few minutes, and she thinks that explains a lot about her. Originally from New England, she is acclimating to the mountains by taking an unnecessary amount of pictures.

Stefan Little Square

Stefan Chin

Video Editor

Stefan Chin has been making videos with SciShow since 2013. He loves motion graphics, spreadsheets, and gaming. He's also on a quest to find the best pad thai on the West Coast.

Bill Square

Bill Mead

Video Editor

Bill is doing fine, thanks for asking. In his free time he likes to hang out with his wife, son, and two dogs, Yogurt and Aldo Leopold. When he has the time he enjoys tasting various ice cream flavors and acting very snobby about it.

Maia Less Mbs

Maia Ledesma

Video Editor

Maia is a Wisconsinite, vlogger, and juggler with a deep love for Harry Potter and BB-8. She will happily grab a beer with you and discuss the brilliance of the Lord of the Rings films. When she's not dabbling in animation or crafting ambitious Halloween costumes, she can be found overlooking a gorgeous view with a hot cup of tea, planning her next travel adventure.

Nate B

Nate Biehl


Nate Biehl has one of those names that feels incomplete unless you say the whole thing. Multi-instrumentalist, designer, and videomaker since the days of tape, he lives to get carried away by exciting new sights, sounds, and stories. Born in rural Montana, he's thrilled that a kid who regularly used outhouses could grow up to make videos seen around the world in minutes.


Alex Billow


Alex is a reformed molecular biologist who turned to science writing and editing full time. She spends her spare time playing games (video and tabletop) and gushing about her cat. 

Madison Lynn Resize 12052020

Madison Lynn

Video Editor

Madison was born and raised on the outskirts of Missoula and never imagined he would get to make a living with cameras when he started goofing around with MiniDV tapes as a kid. In his free time he attempts to write music, though he rarely finishes songs these days, so he often resorts to making his wife play the greatest board game in existence with him, Betrayal at House on the Hill. 

Geary Resize 12052020

Savannah Geary

Video Editor / TikTok Associate Producer

Savannah has been making videos ever since they received a Digital Blue Movie Creator for Christmas 2003. They love the environment and media so much they went and got a masters degree about it. Savannah spends their free time playing video games, thinking about D&D, and making low-effort TikToks. They know way too much about plastic pollution and, as a former Floridian, are suspicious of these things called "mountains."


Maddie Go


So far in life, Maddie has been lucky enough to clean up lemur poop, dive with turtles, and watch brittle stars walk around a tank for hours on end.  She loves biology and hopes to share this excitement with the world through illustration and animation. In her spare time you’ll probably find her doodling on the couch or catching up on some nature documentary or animated show that she’s been meaning to watch.  

Attabey Resize 03032021 Alt V2

Attabey Rodríguez Benítez


Attabey is a biochemist from Puerto Rico. She studied enzymes (she picked the one with pretty colors) and their crystals for her Ph.D. You can always find in her personal lab (the kitchen) testing something she saw on the internet while listening to true crime podcasts

Emma 06092021

Emma Dauster

Script Writer

Emma spent many hours as a child torn between finishing an episode of Animal Planet's "The Most Extreme" and eating dinner. She then took to the lab, for a decade of heating yeast and being peed on by mice and rats. She believes that a global community of diverse scientists can discover things that apply to more of the world. To that end, as a staff writer for SciShow, she tries to communicate everything understandably to everyone. She is still mastering SMART goals.